LORRAINE cooperates with national-grade science and technology research institutes to develop and obtain the solid trust from professionals from all walks of life.

International Science and Technology Research Institute, 280,000,000m² National Level Modern Laboratory

Standardized Production

Compliant with EU ISO22716 Certification

American GMPC Certification

International Advanced Production Equipment

Best-In-Class Production Environment

Professional Production Team

Automatic Ozone Generator

Class 100,000 Aseptic Production Workshop

Aseptic Automatic Filling Workshop

Cosmetic Production Workshop

Fully Automated Production Line

Ultra-Pure 100,000-Level Air Purification System

International-Standard Pure Water System

Sterile, fully enclosed and strictly implement standardized production to ensure products are of the highest quality.

CalmYang® Patented Ingredients

This patented ingredient formula has been clinically tested for one year by the BioSpectrum Life Science Institute, Seoul National University College of Medicine. The test results show that the CalmYang® formula has a good effect on repairing the skin barrier and inhibiting inflammation


Research Papers

  • 1) Publication in 'Journal of Enthnopharmacology' in 2005

  • 2) Publication in Book, 'Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Vol.12 Globalisation of Herbal Health' in 2006

  • 3) Publication in Book,' Cosmetics & Toiletries Vol. 124' in 2009