LORRAINE was founded in 2019 by Kitty Lim, a Malaysian who has been in the skincare industry for 12 years.

Kitty is troubled by acne-prone skin for 15 years until she founded a skincare company and she is determined to develop products that are well worth money for the people that have the same skin problems as her.

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Kitty collaborated with a biotechnology research team in China with cutting-edge technologies committed to creating effective products suitable for Asian skin through research on Asian skin data, targeting symptoms, and gaining solid trust from professionals from all walks of life.

She always adheres to the concept of pursuing evidence of efficacy, and she is committed to creating a top-notch Malaysian national skincare brand with vitality.

After two years and countless changes, LORRAINE finally launched the first product in 2022, Phyto Repair Essence, with nine plant-based ingredients, also known as 3X Essence. It helps skin to soothing repair, regulate skin balance, and minimize pores.

To achieve a new skincare concept exclusive to Asian skin, LORRAINE explores the forest where all things grow, extracting rare ingredients, coupled with high-end scientific research to crack the secret of the BACK TO BASICS concept. We have discovered precious and superior skincare benefits through love and the pursuit of timeless beauty.


We will specialize in research and development to become the top Malaysian skincare brand and share it worldwide.


We are taking "research and development of botanical prescriptions" as the main objective of business development.


LORRAINE pursues evidence of efficacy.